Evénements à venir

Samedi 12 mai. 18 h

Concert - Conférence à la médiathèque de Gisors.


Lundi 17 septembre. 14 h

Concert - Conférence au théâtre de la Huchette. Paris


Construction workshops


TransparenceS is capable of working with glassmakers experienced in both cold and hot working.
Considerable experience in glassmaking materials
The creation of the Glass Orchestra meant our workshop had to become familiar with work involving numerous glassmaking materials: potassium-lime glass, crystal and crystalline, fused silica, borosilicate glass, soda-lime glass as well as other mixtures chosen for their acoustic and technical qualities and the comfort of performance by the musical performers.
TransparenceS takes on apprentices.
A detailed theoretical approach
Jean Claude Chapuis was awarded a research grant from the Ministry of Culture and Communication (1989). Editor for the office of instrument making, of a report: “The Glass Harmonica – glassharmonica – history and construction. Acoustic and musical potential of glassmaking materials. Technical constraints related to musicality”.

To produce quality instruments with great tessitura, a solely empirical approach was insufficient – the creation of such instruments also required a rigorous scientific and technical approach.
Musical performance as a source of improvement
The TransparenceS Orchestra, in playing instruments that they themselves have constructed, and the permanent to and fro between workshop and musical stage facilitate continual innovative research and improvement of the instruments.


Glass and music
Construction of the glass harmonica
First glass harmonica presented at Musicora. Paris. 1989

- Creation of concert and study models.
- Models in white and/or coloured glass.
- Motorised models and those with a hand crank.
- From 1 to 4 octaves and a sixth.
- Models in keeping with the 18th century period.
Construction of “verrophones”

Construction of a piano using “glass chords”
Other percussion instruments
- The creation of a set of chimes with 24 bells installed in Tokyo.
- Tuned Quartz Vessels.
- Glass bar glockenspiel. Construction of a model for recording the original version of the piece “Aquarium” (Carnival of the animals of C. Saint-Saëns. Dir W. Bärtschi. Zurich)
- Chimes.