Evénements à venir

Samedi 12 mai. 18 h

Concert - Conférence à la médiathèque de Gisors.


Lundi 17 septembre. 14 h

Concert - Conférence au théâtre de la Huchette. Paris


Instrument making: restoration and construction

  • Refining glass instruments (materials, structures, tessitura, musicality, power)
  • Creating glassmaking moulds for glass-blowing as well as more functional types for musical games.
  • Creation of sets of polished tubes with arrangement for chord reversal. The contemporary production of glass tubes (borosilicate) allows their potential to be exploited: a fresh response to the problems posed by glass sets (History of musical glass)
  • For the National Technical Museum (Paris, 1995), restoration of a glass slide piano made by Beyer, dedicated and offered to Benjamin Franklin in 1785 (the Glasschord): Reconstruction of the glass slides, in keeping with the original period.
  • Restoration of glass bells for clocks.
  • Production of glass tambourines and flutes.
  • Period constructions.
  • Reconstruction of an Orphica.
  • Research into the animocorde.
  • Pyrophorus: history, models and repertoire. Adjustment: gaseous mixtures and dilation phenomena.
  • Porcelain harmonica.

History and musical repertoire

  • Scientific and curiosity cabinets from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, and in particular, an understanding of acoustic phenomena and popularisation of acoustics.
  • Updating unpublished scores and manuscripts.
  • Research into technical and literary writing about instruments and their use.

History of glassmaking and working techniques

  • Research into the archives of glassmaking companies.
  • Active testing of various glassmaking materials and techniques for glassmaking.

Associated topics

  • Works on, and with, magic lanterns and various other optical show processes.
  • Creation of sound walks around and with water.