Evénements à venir

Samedi 12 mai. 18 h

Concert - Conférence à la médiathèque de Gisors.


Lundi 17 septembre. 14 h

Concert - Conférence au théâtre de la Huchette. Paris


These coming together of individuals are the occasion to relate – in lively fashion - (with musical illustrations, anecdotes and prints) – the exciting history of glass and crystal instruments by setting them in the historical, artistic, scientific and intellectual contexts where they were developed.

These concert-conferences are chaired by Jean Claude Chapuis, science historian founder of TransparenceS, constructor of the Orchestra instruments and editor of a report on the glass harmonica and other glass instruments.

Initiating an authentic dialogue with participants , the speaker adapts to the audience’s demands in order to best respond to the expectations of the children, the younger audience, the academics, those musical learners with experience or the general public.

Examples of the themes which may be covered:


- history of music and instrument-making.
- history of glass working techniques and professions.
- history and philosophy of science, history of techniques.
- biographies of outstanding individuals from the glass music domain.
- environment of the century of the Lumière brothers and the Romantic Movement.
- social, intellectual and professional frameworks of musical professions.
The experience of holding a large number of such performances will be amply deployed for your own programme (activities for school groups, media libraries, conservatories, cultural and leisure associations, retirement homes, and works councils, …)
Based on your request, it is possible to expand these meetings to include an inside look at other instruments, originating from all continents (e.g. an exhibition on global instruments)
If necessary, the performance can be accompanied by translations in English, Spanish or German.

Possibility of demonstrating rod glass-blowing.


The possibility of finishing exhibitions, conferences and performances with on-site demonstrations of glass-blowing thanks to the presence of a portable oven and a glass artist.