Evénements à venir

Samedi 12 mai. 18 h

Concert - Conférence à la médiathèque de Gisors.


Lundi 17 septembre. 14 h

Concert - Conférence au théâtre de la Huchette. Paris


Exhibitions based on glass instruments and their manufacture.

(Descriptive signs, iconography, instruments and objects)
Glass harmonicas, seraphs, cut-glass cimbaloms, pianos with glass chords, bell sets, chimes… Euphone… Pyrophone…
Tubes, sheets, globes, bars, batons… From the 15th century to the present day, these instruments have captured the imagination of renowned composers and scientists alike …
Instruments carry with them a rich history and an immense complexity linked to their manufacture and tone: this exhibition is the opportunity to initiate visitors to musical acoustics, to the demands involved in instrument making and the work of glassmakers.
Soda-lime glass, crystal, Bohemian glass, fused silica… hot working, cold working… The variety of materials used by glassmakers and the professions in which they are used are the fruits of ancient traditions now put on show.
An exhibition to be presented alone or alongside a concert - conference.

Possibility of demonstrating glass-blowing with a rod.

The chance to round off exhibitions, conferences and performances with on-site demonstrations of glass-blowing, thanks to the presence of a portable oven and a glass artist.

Exhibition concerning the instruments of the world.

Signs, photos, scores, training methods, recordings...
Instruments from all 5 continents, circus instruments, and representatives from all the instrumental families (chordophone instruments, idiophone instruments, aerophone instruments)
Placing the instruments into their contexts, the exhibition unveils instruments sometimes barely known, and always very well made, very “exotic” at times. Explanatory labels are distributed in response to both well informed audiences and those still learning.